Logistics and Supply Chain Management skills and services have been identified as a vital contributor to the success and profitability of many organisations, from farming; to manufacturing; to mining.  Your employees need to stay abreast of new developments in order to stay on the industry's professional path as defined by international standards. Similarly, programmes need to offer you solutions that are based on current practices, industry challenges, and are supported by recognised accreditation bodies.

About the ILSCM

About the ILSCM


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The Purpose of the ILSCM

The purpose of the Institute of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (ILSCM) is to be a partner to industry that offers occupationally-directed solutions via a specialist education and training pathway, designed to improve the general calibre of logistics and supply chain graduates and practitioners, and to collectively benefit all stakeholders involved.

In creating a more knowledgeable and skilled individual, regardless of current level of expertise and knowledge, we provide a pathway to progress with occupationally-directed solutions.

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